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This post is just to put up some old docs of mine. Here’s what they are:

1. Application Penetration Testing (APT): A Taxonomy – This is a paper I wrote (and won an award for) in grad school about a taxonomy I created for tools that perform application penetration. There are some neat ideas for how it might work, IMHO. APT Taxonomy Paper

2. APT presentation – more of the same, just the ppt slides for the presentation I gave on APT. APT Presentation

3. Nimda report – a case study on the Nimda worm. Nimda Report

4. Pad testing report – a report on a horrible free piece of software called Pad. We tested it for a course on software testing to show how easy it is to break software, and man, is it easy! PAD Report

5. Pad testing presentation – same again, just pretty screenshots and pictures of the software being broken PAD Presentation

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