Java Testing: What do you use?

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This post is a generic post about what tools I use for testing in Java. Some of these are dependent on the frameworks that you use, some are generic across all of Java. I’ll probably update this post with future tools as I use them. What do you use? Just add it in the comments.

JUnit: The mother of all testing in Java. This unit test framework is on version 4 now, and is very stable and extremely effective. In my opinion, it is the single most effective tool to increase the quality of a developer’s code. (TestNG would be a similar framework here) [ ]

Cactus: This is a framework for testing server-side java code both with a real container or a mock container. [ ]

StrutsTestCase: This framework allows developers to test code that utilizes the struts framework [ ]

Checkstyle: This tool checks your code against a set of coding standards. []

Findbugs: This is a static analysis tool to find bugs in Java programs. [ ]

Emma: This tool reports on test case coverage for your unit tests. [ ]

JDepend: This tool gives you quality metrics for your java code. [ ]

PMD: PMD is another bug-finding utility for scanning your java code. [ ]

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