Year Of Security for Java – Introduction

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Year Of Security for Java

This will serve as the introduction for a new series that will have roughly 1 article per week for a year. This series will be different from my last series (OWASP Top Ten – Java) in that each article will be pretty short and focused. There are several motivations for this series:

1. Get some old topics written down
2. Research some new technologies
3. Write
4. Learn
5. Answer questions from Java friends

It’s the last one that serves as the primary motivation. In my work with Java developers, I understandably get asked a lot of questions about security. These are pretty far-ranging from the “what is this thing I heard about” to “how do I do this very specific thing correctly”. Developers are sharp, but have a lot they are held accountable for, of which security is only one. In this series, I hope to highlight some of the common issues the developers I work with ask me about frequently, as well as point out a few things they probably should be asking about, but don’t know to just yet.

If you have specific suggestions for articles you’d like to see, feel free to email me at domain_name at gmail dot com or on twitter (_jtmelton).

Hope you enjoy.

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