Java Testing: What do you use?

Tweet This post is a generic post about what tools I use for testing in Java. Some of these are dependent on the frameworks that you use, some are generic across all of Java. I’ll probably update this post with future tools as I use them. What do you use? Just add it in the […]

5 easy steps to AJAX

Tweet In talking with other developers, I’ve found many to be confused by AJAX, and what it is, even though it’s quite a simple concept. The name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML. (originally defined by Jess James Garrett here.) It really represents an entire group of technologies in it’s most complex form, but […]

Google Maps drag-n-drop

Tweet This is IT! This is the feature I’ve requested from every major mapping group for the last 2-3 years. Finally! Google maps has added a feature that lets you drag and drop the directions that they provide you with. This is fantastic. I had started using yahoo’s mapping site more because I like their […]

Java 5 Generics

Tweet Here’s a quick example of the difference between Java 1.4 Iterators and Java 5 generics. Here’s 1.4: List myList = new ArrayList(); myList.add(new Person(“John Melton”)); myList.add(new Person(“Bill Mares”)); for (Iterator it=myList.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) { Person person = (Person); System.out.println(person); } Now the Java 5 generics version: List<Person> myList = new ArrayList<Person>(); myList.add(new Person(“John […]

Papers / Reports / Presentations

Tweet This post is just to put up some old docs of mine. Here’s what they are: 1. Application Penetration Testing (APT): A Taxonomy – This is a paper I wrote (and won an award for) in grad school about a taxonomy I created for tools that perform application penetration. There are some neat ideas […]