5 easy steps to AJAX

Tweet In talking with other developers, I’ve found many to be confused by AJAX, and what it is, even though it’s quite a simple concept. The name is shorthand for Asynchronous JavaScript + XML. (originally defined by Jess James Garrett here.) It really represents an entire group of technologies in it’s most complex form, but […]

Google Maps drag-n-drop

Tweet This is IT! This is the feature I’ve requested from every major mapping group for the last 2-3 years. Finally! Google maps has added a feature that lets you drag and drop the directions that they provide you with. This is fantastic. I had started using yahoo’s mapping site more because I like their […]

Java 5 Generics

Tweet Here’s a quick example of the difference between Java 1.4 Iterators and Java 5 generics. Here’s 1.4: List myList = new ArrayList(); myList.add(new Person(“John Melton”)); myList.add(new Person(“Bill Mares”)); for (Iterator it=myList.iterator(); it.hasNext(); ) { Person person = (Person) it.next(); System.out.println(person); } Now the Java 5 generics version: List<Person> myList = new ArrayList<Person>(); myList.add(new Person(“John […]

Papers / Reports / Presentations

Tweet This post is just to put up some old docs of mine. Here’s what they are: 1. Application Penetration Testing (APT): A Taxonomy – This is a paper I wrote (and won an award for) in grad school about a taxonomy I created for tools that perform application penetration. There are some neat ideas […]